Marco Macias Vargas

Head Coach

Marco Macias is a former professional volleyball player hailing from México. With an illustrious career spanning nearly two decades, Marco showcased his skills in both indoor and beach volleyball across 20 countries and four continents.

Marco represented his country in the biggest tournaments like:

He achieved remarkable success at the professional level, securing numerous cup championships, league titles, European Championships, and All-star Games, including three sub-championships in Europe. At the college level, Marco played for ITESM Tol, where he attained 3 titles, 2 MVP awards, and held the prestigious title of the best Outside Hitter for 4 consecutive years.

Marco currently serves as the assistant coach at Florida State College at Jacksonville and leads the beach program at Episcopal School of Jacksonville. In his very first year with HPA, he guided the team to win the U.S. Beach Club Champions, making us the only beach club in Jacksonville to achieve such a remarkable feat.


Yamileska Yantin

Head Coach

Yamileska Yantin brings her wealth of experience as a former professional volleyball player from Puerto Rico. Starting her professional career at the age of 14, Yamileska signed her first contract and quickly became the Rookie of the Year at 15.

Representing Puerto Rico in various international competitions, she showcased her skills from junior to senior levels in every international competition including:

Notably, Yamileska became the first female athlete from Puerto Rico to play in the Tunisian League, securing two second-place finishes and earning the title of the league’s best scorer. Additionally, she holds the distinction of being the only female athlete, in pairs, to win a Pan American Medal in beach volleyball for Puerto Rico, securing a ranking of the 3rd best pair in the entire continent of the Americas.

Yamileska’s exceptional achievements include multiple victories in the Puerto Rican League, where she was honored as the MVP, Best Serve, Best Scorer, and Rookie of the Year in her debut season. Her remarkable skills have secured her a position among the top 20 best scorers in the history of Puerto Rico.

Yamileska Yantin is ranked on the top 20 best scorers in the history of Puerto Rico

Daranjelyss Yantin

Head Coach

Former Professional Indoor and Beach Volleyball player with over 15 yrs of experience.
she showcased her skills from junior to senior levels in every international competition including:

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Tina Nika

Assistant Coach

Tina, a dedicated and versatile coach, is a true hometown talent from Jacksonville, Florida. Her passion for indoor and beach volleyball has driven her throughout her life. Tina’s journey began at Bishop Kenny High School, where she displayed her defensive prowess as the starting libero on the varsity indoor team, leading them to a State Championship victory in 2020. Notably, Tina holds the Bishop Kenny volleyball record for the most career digs. She further expanded her skills by representing her school on the beach volleyball team, playing in various positions from 1S to 3S.

Tina’s commitment to continuous improvement earned her a place in the indoor and beach volleyball teams at Jacksonville University. Starting at the 3S seed level, Tina ascended to the competitive 2S seed within her first year, showcasing her tenacity and drive.

Outside of her personal achievements, Tina is passionate about sharing her volleyball knowledge and experience. She has dedicated her time to coaching both beach and indoor volleyball at various club and high school locations. With a strong foundation in Jacksonville and a wealth of experiences, Tina is wholeheartedly committed to honing her skills and bringing pride to Jacksonville University and her hometown.

Joe Lee

Assistant Coach

Joe Lee, an experienced volleyball player and coach, is a valuable addition to our coaching team. With more than 13 years of playing experience, Joe has competed at high school, club, and collegiate club volleyball levels. In his junior year of high school, Joe and his team won the 2015 Arizona State Championship. During his time at Duke University, he served as the president and coach of the men’s volleyball club team and gained valuable experience as a practice player and assistant for the D1 Women’s Duke volleyball team.

Joe’s coaching expertise extends to various clubs and schools in Jacksonville, where he has coached both indoor and beach volleyball in recent years. His dedication and in-depth knowledge make him an invaluable resource for players seeking to excel in the sport.

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